Ligeti Quartet

  • Mandhira de Saram (violin 1)

  • Patrick Dawkins (violin 2)

  • Richard Jones (viola)

  • Val Welbanks (cello)

The ​Ligeti ​Quartet ​has ​been ​at ​the ​forefront ​of ​modern ​and ​contemporary ​music since ​their ​formation ​in ​2010. ​

It has played at landmark venues around the world including Carnegie Hall, Curtis Institute, Wigmore Hall, Purcell Room, Barbican Hall, and Kings Place, they also regularly escape the stage, previous venues including museums, galleries, theatres, pubs, an IMAX Theatre, a fishing boat, and a cave. In autumn 2018 they took part in a critically acclaimed tour of UK planetariums, in association with Sound UK.